9 things to keep in mind while designing for kids

9 things to keep in mind while designing for kids

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Adorable things need to handle with care, whether its kids or their clothes. Kids fashion needs more attention and detailing before it is put on to the hanger on a floor.

Planning of every outfit starts with its design. that includes the silhouette, detailing, fabric, trims, and construction. Design plays a major role because it holds control over aesthetics and its functional parts like comfort & wearability.

1.Design: Selecting the right design makes your work easy in all terms. Choose a simple and unique design, this helps to get your outfit within your budget.  

2. Durability: This depends on the two things for kids’ apparel. The raw materials used like fabric, trims & construction. One more thing is- kids grow up soon and they can’t wear ethnic clothes for a longer duration as the clothes become shorter and sometimes tight as well.

If you choose a design smartly you can make little changes to increase in length. And the same outfit can be worn for more times.

3.Budget: New brands are budding then and now to fulfill our necessities. Casual wear is easy to shop with the end number of options available in the market.

Only Handpicked brands to sell kids ethnic clothes.  Most of us prefer to get it customized, especially for family occasions.

Selecting the right design and having alternate ideas while sourcing for fabrics and finding a good boutique within budget, controls your overall budget to some extend.

 4. Fabric: sourcing becomes easier when we keep multiple options like different color combinations and different fabric textures. Also, one thing to keep in mind is to check whether they are comfortable or do they cause any irritation to the skin.  

5. Testing: Other factors to check are color bleeding pilling of the fabric, shrinkage, especially lining fabrics.

6. Interlining: Using good quality interlining possess longer durability of the outfit and protects from the irritation caused by the main fabric and can-can.

An outfit can be beautiful from outside but if it is not comfortable to wear no one would like to pick it even though it is on discount price.

7.Trims: Trims are widely used for functional purposes like to give opening with zipper or a hook or a button. In very few cases they are used to enhance aesthetically. They should be of good quality because they should work as long as the outfit is used.


8.Stitching guide/construction:  The quality & standards of an outfit is measured by its finishing techniques. The finishing should be neat and good enough.

9.Quality control: Following the above steps automatically leads to a good quality outfit. Once the outfit is ready take out some time to check each element as a final touch.

Hope you find the above steps helpful,  let us know from your experience for better results.