bridal bangles or chudi

bridal bangles or chudi

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We all have curiosity, many of the times unknowingly our brain starts imagining about the visuals what we see. Someone is looking good, she has long hair, he has good height…. And goes on. I recognize newly married brides with their jewelry … in every tradition they have different culture, we need to wear that particular thing for so long.

Like the same, I mostly see new brides wearing bangles for some duration of time. The bride looks very beautiful wearing bangles at the wedding. To make the occasion more special, every woman deserves the best.

We see our grandmothers and mothers wearing almost every single day. Since we do not feel comfortable wearing them every day. Alteast we can wear them on the special days of our life.

Bangles look more beautiful on the soft hands of a woman. And they enhance the feminity.

Bangles are available with many designs and with different materials. The most used colors for wedding bangles are maroon, red, white, green, yellow and gold. And they often crafted with stones beads. 

Ornaments are meant to enhance the beauty of women and some become the part of our life by wearing them every day. The sound of bangles and the beauty of feminity it adds to women is really beautiful.

Don’t be uncertain to wear such things, thinking that they are not trendy. Some ornaments are classy and always adds the same beauty. If you are a person of style, then wear it in your way of style.