Can a dupatta change the style of a look …. Let’s try with us to know

Can a dupatta change the style of a look …. Let’s try with us to know

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The elegance that an Indian outfit carries is outstanding, to flaunt a look effortlessly it’s really important to understand which look “You want to pull off”.

What does the above phrase mean is – Being classy is my personal style, likewise you might like chic, elegant, feminine, sophisticated, royal, and modest. According to your choice of look, you can choose the drape of the dupatta.

To bring out a chic look simply let the dupatta fall around neckline at the front side across your chest portion.

For a classy look allow equal halves of the dupatta to fall on one of the shoulders and secure it with a safety pin. To add more grace hold one end of the back dupatta bringing it towards the front.

Adding royalty to an outfit is as rich as it could ever feel. Take the dupatta to the backside and pull both the ends through the arms to the hands. Sometimes we can allow it to cover little portion at the backside because that also looks great.  


A sophisticated look can be achieved with simple elements. Wrap a dupatta around the neck once, allowing one end to fall at the front and the other at the back. Or even a waist belt holding the dupatta in place can also make this look more professional.

If the same dupatta goes up on the head that make the look of modesty.

A little bit of analysis and creative space makes all things possible and easier to style with.