cotton saree – summer fashion comfort

cotton saree – summer fashion comfort

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Summer fashion is more about comfort. Some times comfort plays a major role over fashion. Always we choose something we like, but if it’s not comfortable we won’t be interested anymore to wear it.

Can’t we put comfort and fashion together?? Of course yes we can obtain comfort and fashion mutually.

Saree has become occasional wear for modern women. It makes them feel a bit difficult to handle such a big piece of fabric. Especially in summer, they don’t feel much comfortable carrying it … but there is a possibility of fashion and comfort both for those who are planning to go on with a saree.

Cotton sarees are the best, to pick this summer to style it your way. Cotton is a natural fiber has superior characteristics. It posses good breathing ability and absorbs moisture quickly. Allows comfort and cool to the wearer. It is friendly with the skin and the only thing we need to take care of is about its maintenance. After a couple of washes, it becomes softer loses it stiffness, we can treat it with starch to regain its stiffness. It has low resiliancy, needs to take care of Ironing.

Women are very familiar to cotton sarees, at that time they used be dull and were limited to more of house wear. With more unique designs and patterns they completely changed the style and become lovable to the women.

It is not just limited to casual wear any more. Wear cotton saree for work, carry out a new look with confidence and attitude. Pair up with a blouse pattern of modesty and elegance. Add on a style of professionalism, these elements are more than enough to get ready with a cotton saree for work.

For any attire we have this word called style romaing around the mind. For such people, cotton sarees are more flexible to mould into their way. Style it your way and flaunt with more comfort.

To add some sexy appeal, it has to be a bit spicy. Are cotton sarees suitable for that category, for sure the answer is yes. Decorate yourself with the essence of nature. Derive the desired look of your favorite.

I feel more connected with the nautral fibers, cotton saree would be one among the list of my favourites.