ear cuffs – style it bold, chic, and classy

ear cuffs – style it bold, chic, and classy

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Style is the language, which expresses what you are without any introduction. To reflect our emotions, styling is the best way. Amalgamation of right things creates a real identity of you. We mess up things many of the times. The two reasons to do so are, one is lack of knowledge and second is lack of confidence.

To create your own identity in the world, analyze and know things better. And be confident about yourself. Create any look with suitable clothing and accessories of the look in your imagination. Every single aspect of costume, apparel, accessories, makeup, depicts the emotion of the look.

A small accessories will effect the style of the look. One piece of accessorie can express the emotion of being classy, bold, chic. Let’s analyze how it works …

Ear cuffs a familiar acccessorie to us. A small and elegant ear cuffs creates the look of casual to classy, that means complete look doesn’t depends only on ear cuffs, other things like costumes, makeup, and hair also plays major role. But for the part of accessories ear cuffs carries out the emotion of the look.

To achieve a classy look we need to choose the dress classy and hair, makeup to support the look more. For this look we can use ear cuffs as a statement accessorie because it is able to carry the elegance of look. At this point of style keep other accessories minimalistic and let the ear cuff be highlighted. If you are thinking to add more accessories to the look then choose ear cuff a bit simple, to emphasize everything equally.

Bold look is little different to achieve, need to choose the clothing, hair makeup out of the box. At the same time it allows more freedom to work on. A kind of rugged or rough wear potrays the look more better. It can be some times very neat some times messed up with layerings in clothing and accessories. We have much scope in clothing and to accessorize in this look.  Bold ear cuffs with animal inspired shapes and patterns are easy to use for bold look.

Chic is the look for a girl inside you. Very free flowing and easy to achieve. In real it doesn’t has parameters to hold back your ideas and imaginations. Wear what you like, use many layers as you wish to wear. Accessorize crazily. Any thing and every thing is acceptable in chic. More of feathers and soothing ear cuffs are the part of chic style.

These are the basic strategies for any look or any style. Know more, and you get confidence automatically. Be yourself, the world loves original side of you not the imitation of others.