The emotion behind ghungat, express your emotions with style

The emotion behind ghungat, express your emotions with style

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A beautiful thing about style is to express our emotions through it. I feel to fulfill yourself from inside, you need to express your emotions through style. Style depends on individual ideas, personality, some times on even mood also. Weddings are power-packed with decorations, bright costumes, and celebrations. Spreading happiness across with positive vibes and emotions.

If we go deep into the celebrations, there are some unseen emotions going on, in some peoples mind. Especially for the bride, she stands as the center of attraction at the wedding. The emotions running in her mind would make her feel anxious. At the same time, she has to look more beautiful ever in her life. To balance the emotions and anxiety, things like the outfit, makeup, hair, have to the prefect.

The ghungat for a bride expresses the emotion of being protective and elegant and attractive. The inner emotion of being anxious is beautifully balanced with the guhngat.

With the wedding outfits like lehengas and some times with saree ghungat is paired. It is nothing but a rectangular piece of fabric with self-design and a border attached to it.

This piece of fabric is worn at the head just above the crown part of the head. Some times it might cover the bride’s face, as per their cultural followings.

If a bride wants to wear dupatta as usual and she wants to wear ghungat as well, in that case, she can use two dupattas. This style of decorating a bride with dupattas is seen in north Indian weddings and also in Muslim weddings.

It is just a piece of fabric but still holds the emotions with style. Every woman wants to look beautiful on her special day of the wedding, that’s what matters for all the effort.

Style the look elegantly, not exceeding too much. Make your special day more special.