Fill your occasions with traditional and stylish half saree

Fill your occasions with traditional and stylish half saree

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Is it true that traditional wear is quite the same for ages, nothing much interesting or new…

Half saree a three-piece attire for women is more special before a women fit herself into a saree in many places young girls love themselves to see in half saree. Fashion changes and the style also takes new shape as time passes.

The essence of half saree was with a silk pleated skirt and a fitted blouse with a veil.  The essence of elegance is still the same but the style has adopted small changes to impress Millennial women.

Thinking! Is half saree the right choice for occasions… of course yes, to make it look more special, needs to work on the styling.

Select a design which is more sophisticated and classy, in this style we are trying different draping style with a veil to bring freshness. We can work on two different blouse patterns one is similar to a regular saree blouse with deep neck designs and the other is a closed neck pattern which reflects a more decent look.

To create that flow and grace allow the veil to fall loose across the curves. Add your way of style with jewelry and makeup.

Here shows your style in creating a new look with the same outfits…