Kuchu designs for saree – Latest new & trendy saree kuchu

Kuchu designs for saree – Latest new & trendy saree kuchu

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Saree an attire needs no introduction to a woman. Decorating a saree with intricacy interests women more towards creativity part. Kuchu designs for saree elevates a saree to look more beautiful and traditional.

The elegance of a six-yard saree doesn’t get enough without decorating the palla with kuchu designs.

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Root back to the times when the sarees were weaved in handloom with the help of natural fibers like silk, cotton, linen… To add that edgy feel the leftover threads are tied into a knot and women started to adopt it as kuchu designs for saree.

Improvement or betterment of things starts when we try to explore a different angle. Undoubtedly women are creative and started exploring possible ways to make the kuchu design art effective.

Here is the result we see how well the craze for the art of saree kuchu design has explored in lot more varieties with silk thread, beads, pearls, stones, fabric tassels, and even embroidery.

Intricate saree kuchu design


Kuchu designs for saree – Which sarees are apt?

Here comes the question to which saree should we enhance with saree kuchu designs

Traditional silk sarees are the most beloved sarees to go for saree kuchu. The silk thread and saree kuchu blends with the luster of silk saree and adding beads or stones highlight it more.

Saree Kuchu with thread     ring

The saree kuchu is not only limited to traditional silk sarees. We can also try for fancy sarees and even for cotton & linen sarees.

Fancy saree with thread tassels and decorative     flowers


Well! We have reached the design part now. What varieties of designs are available and what are the raw materials we need to make an eye-catching saree kuchu design. The creative part has no boundaries to hold within, the world of the internet has made our job much easier to find designs on fingertips. We would like to suggest you explore more options as much as possible so you can decide on what matches your individual style.

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Cute little tassels
Fabric Bow tassels


Simple thread kuchu designs

The first and foremost well-known design to a woman is silk thread saree kuchu. This looks simple and costs also less.

Adding beads to a saree kuchu

Highlights grab the attention and stand out from the crowd. Add some beads to the pattern for a more effective look.

Crochet kuchu with stone chain

Crochet gives a blending smooth finish because of its interweaving effect of doing it. We can also add a chain with stone to sparkle it further.

Kuchu designs for saree -7 Latest trendy saree kuchu designs

Embroidery palla finishing

The creative thought of women has reached to flaunt the embroidery on a saree palla. It is the intricate and rich highlight of a palla among all the saree kuchu designs.

The budget also bombs a hole in your pocket. Even though women are not stepping back from embroidery palla because they don’t want to take any chance on their wedding outfit.

A saree with an embroidery blouse and embroidery palla helps to beat all the grace a bride should have.

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Ready-made tassels

Ready-made tassels are also available to make your work easier and also comes within your budget.

Lace kuchu designs

Laces are known since ages they are also available with kuchu designs for sarees. Explore more designs before making the purchase this helps to create a great look.

Fabric tassels for chic style

Create a chic saree look with fabric tassels this can be easily made with the net or any other fabric of your choice keep in mind to add a good finishing to avoid thread pulls. This is budget-friendly and can be done in a much simpler way. These are considered as the saree kuchu designs the latest among all.

Budget planning

The first thing to be analyzed is what occasion are you planning to wear the saree and how many times would you like to repeat it.

If the occasion is your own wedding or dearest family member then you can select embroidery palla with saree kuchu despite high charges.

You can create a similar effect with simple and easy designs for regular wear and don’t need to invest more.


Amalgamating jewelry and other accessories including makeup & hair can impact your attire from BEST to NOT OK look.

The money you might have saved while purchasing a saree & a saree kuchu can be used to pick the right jewelry & accessories to enhance your appeal.

Plan smartly to look more effective within your budget.

Be yourself & Love yourself…