Let’s make this festive season less expensive and more stylish – kurta & flared bottoms

Let’s make this festive season less expensive and more stylish – kurta & flared bottoms

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Well!! Planning for festive shopping… Thinking what to buy??  Do I really need to spend so much? How many times I will wear this outfit… Many questions and calculations might be popping up.

I personally go through all these questions before getting my hands on billing any outfit. And I realized that a powerful tool called Styling can create a bigger impact with all the insecurities we experience.

Let’s plan a outfit with less cost and incredible styling ideas…

I think most of us would have got a plain kurta or a flared bottom in our wardrobes. Because these are trending since couple of seasons. If you have even one from any of those two, you need only buy the other piece either a plain Kurti or a flared bottom. It can vice-versa, a printed Kurti with a plain bottom also works well.

Here comes the important step, how can we style it to bring the freshness. Got the outfit ready, put it on… makeup, hair, and accessories are the keys to highlight the look and to showcase your outfit in a new way.

Will start with hair, to add the essence of ethnic wear goes for a hair updo like a bun. That doesn’t mean a flat typical Indian bun, little messy with face framings and add some florals to give that touch of a festive look.

Makeup can be a little bright, when it comes to accessories go for a pair statement earrings. This completes the look, you might be thinking what’s special in this look.

Hair updo depicts the ethnicity and festive makeup with statement earrings emphasizing the complete look. To add more of feminity to the look flaunt with a dupatta.

Try out this look… Don’t forget to style it your way…

And tell me what is your favorite look …