lingerie – right tips for  styling like a pro

lingerie – right tips for styling like a pro

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Lingerie is a sensitive topic, discussing it has been secretive for ages. We all would have experienced this – When a girl’s bra line is visible out of her dress our Mom’s, sisters or friends try to push it inside or they communicate the same thing with sign language.  But now it’s time to break the silent discussion on lingerie and to clear the myths.

There is a saying – that the basic needs of life are three include Food, Shelter, and clothing. In apparel lingerie leaves a special mark as a category, I think because it is the first layer that is close to the skin and also helps to maintain postures.

To style, any look effortlessly elegant and polished lingerie plays an important role in styling.

Some things I would like to discuss which many of us would have observed, like a visible panty mark on the trousers, bra line seen out with sleeveless & deep neck dresses. Sometimes even the bra padding shape also pokes out showing the line.

To get a more confident and stylish look with any outfit these things should be concealed more. We do have solutions for these problems, just the right choice will create a bigger difference.  A razer cut panty i.e which has no seam line and comes with a self finishing, won’t leave its mark for any kind of trousers. Sometimes even boy shorts also help to solve this issue for some outfits.

Razor cut panty
Fancy lace underwear
Boy shorts

Tops with sleeveless, backless, halter neck, off-shoulder each design have its own requirement. Just a regular bra alone can’t fulfill the requirement for all the designs.

suitable for backless dresses
suitable for backless and off-shoulder dresses
suitable for halter neck & backless dresses
suitable for off shoulder dresses

The first point to be noted is- a regular which fits your size correct and gives good support to your posture. Bra line should be concealed as much as possible.

One additional point you can note is if you have back flab’s bulging out go for wide straps, this helps to cover the bulge and looks more polished.

Back smoothing bra

A variety of designs are available in the market for every requirement to make sure you are using the right kind of bra for every design and comfort is equally important as concealing it.