Men’s shirt size chart – Know your size for perfect fit

Men’s shirt size chart – Know your size for perfect fit

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Do you know your size? Or what is your size, sir? Men’s shirt size chart is what they should know to win the battle of all those questions that often attack.

It’s all about our personal preferences which decide the final purchase. Of course, we do shop stuff which catches our eye, we do consider comfort, fitting is must & the price also matters, quality plays a major role. The above checklist might be rearranged according to individual style selections.

We are here to discuss one among those sizing or fitting. What size fits us perfectly depends on many factors like brand, fabric, occasion & body type and it is easy to make a men’s shirt size chart.

No wonder! Men look good in formal wear, even in casuals when he seems confident about his fit. The fitting of a men’s shirt matters as it defines the complete look & feel of the attire. An attractive shirt may look flat with an incorrect size. A perfect fitted shirt with average aesthetics may look excellent. This is how powerful the sizing impacts the look. So it is important to know the Men’s shirt size chart.

Men's shirt size chart - 3 ways to Know perfect size

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Why do you need to know your size?

Online – Digitalization has impacted in every way possible. Shopping online browsing through all our favorite brands from the comfort of our own would have seemed impossible ages back. Each thing & everything is online now.

Men's shirt size chart - 3 ways to Know perfect size

We all love to shop online, each of us would have experienced, to take a pause & think about what size should I go for…It is clear that we must know our size while shopping online.

New Brand- Well! I know my size is medium, but why is this brand shirt of medium size is fitting me tight or loose? Have you ever faced this, most probably might have been. Each brand has its own sizing chart so the measurements vary from brand to brand. Necessarily you should be aware of your size when you experiment with new brands.

Men's shirt size chart - 3 ways to Know perfect size

Gifting- When do we need another shirt size? When we like to gift them or when they want us to shop for them. Obviously, we won’t be aware of what size fits them except about the dearest ones. In such scenarios, it is a must to know the exact size. If not they might like the gift but they won’t be satisfied to wear it because of the incorrect fit. I hope now it is clear so far…

Men's shirt size chart - 3 ways to Know perfect size

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What measurements do we need to know to pick the perfect size shirt?

There are four major areas to list to make a men’s shirt size chart. It is advisable to use a soft bending tape to flow with the body.

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Sleeve

Neck – Measure around your base neckline of the neck. To add little ease insert your two fingers and check around the tape. This is to add allowance which helps the easy movement of the neck.

Chest – chest portion should be measured below the armpit level and at the fullest part of the chest. Do not hold your breath while taking measurements instead take a long breath.

Waist – to know your exact waistline bend to one of your sides and find out the natural fold at the curve. That is your natural waistline mark it and run the tape around your waistline.

Sleeve length- this could be a little tricky to measure. Bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle parallel to the ground and taking support at the nearest hip level. Start measuring from the center back i.e at the spine level, run the tape through the shoulder and elbow till the wrist. You might need the help of a person to measure the sleeve.

Round off the numbers while measuring to add additional ease.

Men’s shirt size chart

3 Ways to measure your size and create Men’s shirt size chart

In three different ways, we can get the men’s shirt size chart done.

The simple and easy way is to go to the nearest tailor and get it done. It would be more easy & reliable with high accuracy.

The second method would be self-measuring taking measurements on our own.

The third method would just pick the right shirt from the wardrobe and measure it by plotting it flat on the surface.

By these methods, we can know our size to pick the right fit by using men’s shirt size charts.

Is there anything more to consider apart from the measurements? Well! Yes, to know what style you are looking for… that means we have different fitting styles which vary the look. Men’s shirt size chart and the desired fit combination means a perfect shirt.

A tailored fit is specially made for the individual personality and will be more accurate in the fitting.

A standard-fit allows more comfort & ease and is suitable for a professional look.

A trim fit cuts off the excess and looks more flattered with the body shape.

Get your right measurements & decide on the fit type that’s it you are all ready to go to shop your shirt.

Happy Shopping – The most exciting thing would be to shop & shop…  Some are crazy about gadgets, some are flattered for electronics some like to shop fashion and much more. But we all love to purchase.

Nothing should blow up your shopping experience know your exact size by using Men’s shirt size chart to enjoy your shopping.