Skirts for workwear sounds cool right!! Looks more stylish

Skirts for workwear sounds cool right!! Looks more stylish

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For me! Workwear has to be sophisticated and yet should be fun to style. How about the skirt and a top… Are you ready to go with it?

A pencil skirt with a back or side slit is always classy to style workwear. The length usually falls above or just below the knee level. Choose a skirt design of your choice a basic black skirt or a checkered one. Stick to a basic one so that you can use it for a longer duration.

Pair up a skirt with a plunge neck top or a simple fancy top. Add a watch and classic accessories of your choice, don’t forget to keep it subtle.

A question arises this style works well for a skinny personality, what about plus size personalities …

Self-love and being confident about your own self is must needed ingredient in today’s style equation… And it’s good to be a little careful about what compliments our personality well.

Plus size can also wear a skirt and top, it is better to avoid stripes they run across the curves and makes curves to flaunt more. Wear the skirt high waisted it helps to elongate your personality and showcases you taller. Tuck in the top to add neat finishing to the look.

Peplum top also adds more grace to the look with a skirt. Go on with some hand-picked simple accessories. That’s it you are ready to go …

Skirts emphasize the emotion of feminity and look elegant for workwear.

Don’t forget to style it your way… tell me your way of styling it…