south Indian  – pattu pavadai

south Indian – pattu pavadai

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South India is a place of traditions, as well as traditional attires. Verily known for famous Kanchipuram silk sarees, handwoven cotton sarees and many more traditions.

Pattu Pavadai is a traditional attire of south Indian women, especially for youngsters. Basically pattu pavadai is also known as half saree. Pattu is also known as silk, as the name itself holds silk. The half saree will be a mixture of silk and other rich fabrics.

As the part of their tradition, when a girl attends her womanhood for the first time she wears a pattu pavadai. They used to have some functions, in which they make her to dress up as a young women.

Young girls are allowed to wear this attire till they get married. Now the scenario has changed, women are interested to wear it on occasions after marriage as well. They look so beautiful and elegant in the pattu pavadai.

It is a trend of simplicity and comfort, modern women doesn’t like to wear now as their mom’s. In villages, we find people still wearing it as their everyday attire.  

Pattu pavadai, is a combination of a skirt with full flare, and a blouse which is similar to saree blouse. The veil would be little bigger than a suit one. And drapes it over as a saree pallu and the other end is tucked at the waist.

Women are more passionate about it now, they are creating this half saree out of old sarees. Which brings outs the reuse of traditional silk sarees. In a way it saves the material cost.

A good combination of colors and fabric helps to create a elegant look. We can design the skirt for multi purpose use, one is for the pattu pavadai and same skirt we can use as lehenga.

We follow fashion and trends, always wants something different. Somethings after generations also we want to keep as it is, this is one among them.

Wants to try it on for the occasions, go on… achieve any look you want. Don’t forget to style it your way.