To add some texture – layer your outfit with a little twist

To add some texture – layer your outfit with a little twist

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Styling is an everyday process with new ideas and exploring it is an exciting task. To create interesting aesthetics playing with different texture is really important.

We all do it on a daily basis pairing a bottom with a different textured top and layering it with a jacket is simple but if you add a right texture that adds life to your complete outfit.

Pair knits with woven that creates really interesting appeal. Combine printed with plains by adding a pinch of style to it.

This another side of creative styling adding accessories and deciding on makeup hair is the primary essentials. Creating textures with different fabrics is a very subtle idea but definitely makes a difference to the overall look.

To work on this concept of styling one needs to have strong visualization and a sense of style. When we work with more layers and different textures accessorizing and makeup can be subtle down to some extent.

Try exploring with textures and patterns to get more command over textures and layers.