The culture of shaving underarms is changing for the women… Shave or not to shave!!

The culture of shaving underarms is changing for the women… Shave or not to shave!!

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Beauty and hygiene are two different things. With the time it has created a mark in our minds and unknowingly we started to think beauty & hygiene are the same.

There is a very minute difference between things we do to look beautiful and things that helps to measure our hygiene levels.

I think we should get into detail to understand how beauty and hygiene are different and most of the time how beauty & hygiene sounds like one.

Beauty as a term defines to enhance or to uplift the personality, in an easy way to understand the concept of the beauty is makeup. Makeup is the blend of colors used externally to change the appearance instantly.

Now let’s talk about hygiene manicure & pedicure is an example of hygiene. It helps to maintain the cleanliness of our hands & legs and to look pretty.

You might be wondering why we have been discussing this concept so far… The whole discussion was about to shave underarms or not to shave.

Shaving underarms was the first thing in women’s beauty & hygiene checklist for ages. It would have started as a hygiene routine and continued as a must-do beauty appeal.

Here arises the question of why women are breaking the stigma of shaving underarms is mandatory to wear a sleeveless top.

We came across the women flaunting their underarms unshaved with utmost ease & pride.

This might be the beginning of breaking the stigma to adopt “GO SLEEVELESS UNSHAVED”. Though it is not practiced by a lot of women and not yet got the acceptance in a wide range, but took the initiative of the idea.

We would like to know how the idea has impacted you… Would you like to go sleeveless unshaved?

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