Thinking!!!  To say YES or NO to velvet – For this winter occasions

Thinking!!! To say YES or NO to velvet – For this winter occasions

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A random thought is wandering in mind, Is fabric a major concern in the selection of outfit ??

 I think fabric plays a major role in every design, as it is directly connected to the comfort levels especially when it comes to ethnic wear. Varieties of designs with different fabrics and heavy surface ornamentation all these are put together to sparkle the occasions more bright.

Velvet, a fabric with rich texture and luxurious appeal suits any occasion well. Every outfit made out of velvet may not bring out the same elegance, because of the design or because of the styling of the outfit. Little effort on outfit and styling will do wonders in creating a mesmerizing look.

Let’s start with deciding on the outfit first, the full outfit can be of velvet or it can be a mix of different fabrics. If the outfit is made out of velvet completely, then you need to take care of the silhouette and the surface ornamentation. As the rich texture of the fabric makes the style looks more vibrant and sometimes it results in over appeal. For such patterns, the accessories and the makeup have to be subtle and complimenting the look.

Outfits with different fabrics can be explored with other styles to carry gracefully. Neck jewelry is not that needed for these outfits. A statement pair of earrings is more than enough to add elegance to it.

Comfort and luxurious look for the occasions with velvet is the right option to work with ….