Ugh… thinking how to wear a plunging neckline – want to look sexy and yet keep it decent

Design is what drags the attention to own the outfit and styling describes Who You Are …

I feel style is a bunch of ingredients, which adds the essence of emotion to the look.  Plunging neckline a deep low cut in V shape mostly used for Prom dress, Couture gowns, and Short dresses.

Prom dresses and Couture gowns with this neckline look very elegant and make you look effortlessly seductive no doubt in that. To style these no need to worry much, can easily go with a sparkling stone simple neckpiece with small studs, perfect hair with high heels are more than enough to rock the parties.

How would we style the same neckline for casual and workwear …

Let’s see how can we style it …

As the neckline is deep and not as easy to carry like other outfits. We can make it look more easy-going… for a casual plunge dress, adding a pair of decent earrings and heel of minimum height with beach wavy hair highlights the style.

To create a style of chic add a layered neckpiece to the outfit with little more makeup highlights. With the neckpiece the cleavage area can be covered, if you want to keep it more decent. A simple and elegant look even goes apt for the parties.

The other style for workwear or for the modest look is adding some glance and modesty to plunge neck by wearing a lace camisole or a criss-cross inner. These don’t only add grace but also look modest by covering the maximum part in a pretty way.

A noticeable problem with this neckline always moves on and revels the bust portion. To fix this the tip is – use double-sided transparent thin tape, it helps to keep the outfit close to the body.

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