Vanki, a piece of jewelry adopted since the timeline of Indian queens

Vanki, a piece of jewelry adopted since the timeline of Indian queens

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Jewelry the most beloved thing to women and the right thing to decorate and enhance beauty. The history of queens inspires us to choose the right jewelry and to know how to decorate our self to enhance beauty.

Many significant pieces of jewelry are worn by women, as they have distinctive varieties and types. Traditional pieces are worn especially at the time of special occasions. But they carry more importance and elegance as they are worn only at special times.

Vanki a traditional south Indian jewelry which is also called Armlet or Bajuband. It is worn at the arms, paired with the attire of saree. We can say a must and should ornament for a south Indian bride. It is not just a modern piece of jewelry, the reference of history shows that it was a part of Indian queens jewelry as well.

Vanki can be stylized for one hand or it can be worn for both the hands. Whatever the style is it looks beautiful and it depicts the inner strength of the women. Golden vankis for a bride is a classic style to carry on for weddings.

It is available in different designs with stones and rubies. Women are very creative and effective in budget planning they pulled the vanki design on to the blouse as embroidery. These embroidery patterns give a look no less than an original vanki and we have much scope to explore with design and colors.

Classic jewelry is the ones which shape the beauty according to the personality. It is the time of the modern world where people prefer easy, comfortable and fast things.

Keeping the traditional and cultural values alive, helps to lead a happy and fulfilled life. So, try to fit yourself into the classic cultural styles at least on the special day of your life.

Don’t forget to style it your way ….