What is the real meaning of beauty…

What is the real meaning of beauty…

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“Beauty comes from within our self -its not just the aesthetic appeal of our personality”. This is what we hear a lot of times. I would not like to contradict the phrase but I have two different perspectives for the same phrase.

Beauty from inside could be of two things one would your mental thought process and the second perception is about health and hygiene routine.

 The mental thought process defines the individual identity of your personality. Healthy and hygiene routines are easy to practice and helps to maintain beautiful skin and hair.

One stigma we need to remove from our mind is when we say the word beauty the first thing that wanders in our mind is makeup, which is the addition of external colors.

Elements like outfit, accessories, hair, and makeup help to highlight your personality. To look fantastic all the time you need to practice skincare routine and that brings the real beauty & glow.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” I didn’t take this quote seriously until it changed my belief on fashion & beauty.

Accept yourself, love to flaunt your flaws, that is the moment you start to grow immensely to the heights that you never believed in.

Hope this article made you rethink beauty and being yourself. Many on the way to help you to analyze and enhance yourself.

Don’t forget to be yourself… it is a special quote if you understand the importance of individual style.